Who is this chick?

Hi I'm Rachel! I am the wife of 13 years to an amazing man, the stay at home mother of 4 beautiful children.... and I'm a Pinterest addict.  Yes, it's true.... Just a few short months ago I was introduced to the obsession known to many as Pinterest. If you haven't yet been exposed to this world I'll warn you now, it truly is an addiction. A flurry of amazing information and tools that leave you drooling and in awe. I fell hook, line and sinker. They sucked me in with DIY crafts and scrumptious recipes, the delusional glow of a clean and organized house that I could potentially have and kept me glued with a never ending supply of new "save money" tips and tricks for the DIYer. So now here I am, completely new to this, blogging thing, attempting to share my journey of the trials, errors and yes...Triumphs of my Pinterest Affair. Yes I do realize there are a million and one blogs out there just like this one.....But I hate odd numbers....so why not make it a Million and two!  Thanks for stopping by!

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