Monday, 20 February 2012

River Rock Hot Plate

I found this beautifully genius idea for DIY hot plates.  It was honestly just a backdrop to an Etsy Teapot for sale but I thought...HA! I can do that.  Obviously it came with no instructions but hard could it be.

This is the original..
 Pretty right, and simple enough for even me to tackle.  So I made a trip to the local dollar store and grabbed me some grey felt (3 sheets / $1)  and some relatively flat river rocks ($1/ bag) score!

I gathered all my supplies.  Scissors, glue gun, rocks, felt and Old scratched up CD's to put between the felt to keep it stiff and not floppy.  I have my moments of brilliance! :)

So I go ahead and hot glue the CD to a piece of felt, and cut around it leaving about a half inch extra felt all the way around to seal the two sides together. 

Then using the cover CD and a guide I cut another piece of felt to glue to the top side of the CD

Next you simply pick out the flattest rocks from and begin glueing from the centre outward.

Keep going till you have the whole round covered

Looks great, felt smooth and flat and I was proud of my small accomplishment.  I'm not gonna lie I was excited to give it a try at supper that night and we did!  It was pretty.....I'll give it that but functional ....not so much.  It felt flat and level but I'm not sure it was level enough.  It was slippery, the glass bottom pyrex kept slipping off, the baking stone however sat better.  Being the borderline genius that I am, I however failed to realize that if Hot glue is warmed to melt and stick things can also be warmed to unstick.  lol  A few rocks did fall off.  I'm thinking I may try a different glue for the rocks.  Or just stick to the boring wooden hot plates I already have.  
Happy Pinning! 

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