Thursday, 12 April 2012

Homemade Body Wash

Homemade Body Wash
  We all know that body wash is ridiculously expensive.  I'm sure we can also agree that it's one Luxury we simply can't live without. 

 I LOVE Dove, and that's what I would like to buy.  But a 12 oz (354ml) bottle at the grocery store sells for nearly $5,  so I buy whatever is on sale.  

Now after my recent success with my DIY Laundry Detergent, I was sure I could make it cheaper than that, and have the Dove brand that I covet.  
Lucky for me I found a great post via Pinterest 

 It's simple, it's easy and the result is fantastic! 
 It leaves your skin feeling silky and soft like Dove does and lathers like a dream. 
Smells fabulous too.

Here's the recipe…..

- 3 bars of dove soap grated (I went with Dove "go fresh" cause it smells amazing).

- 6 cups of water

Simply grate the bars of soap

Pour 6 cups  of hot water into a large 
pot and Add grated soap

On medium heat dissolve the soap untill it is a smooth consistency. Stirring ever now and then.   

Remove from heat and allow too cool. 
(Makes 7 cups)

                   Once cooled, pour into bottles for use.

One real test for me is the lather. I love me some bubbles.....

Passes with flying colours!

Now you can use any bar soap you choose.  Dove has a lot of moisturizer in it so 6 cups is the perfect amount of water needed.  With other soaps, 6 cups of water may be too thick so you may have to play around with the amount of water needed to get the desired consistency. 

Now comes my Favourite part…..the math. (seal clap) Not cause I enjoy numbers, but simply because I love seeing how much I can $ave.  

  • I got a 4 pack of the dove soap for $4.99 so that works out to $1.25/bar
  • 1 used 3 bars so that's $3.75
  • 6 cups of water - FREE
  • I filled 3 - 530ml  bottles from my old body wash so it works out to $1.25 for a 530ml (18 oz)  bottle
  •  But if you were to compare it to a 354ml Dove size bottle it's only $0.83 per bottle!!!

Ummmm Seriously???

 YES! Seriously.   A savings of $4 a bottle???  How can u justify NOT doing this?

Now share it with the World!!!

Happy Pinning!


  1. Wow i am one of the user of this type of body wash.All images you have post it were very much beauty to see it.
    Homemade Body Scrub

  2. well, I may be even more "frugal" than you! ha! I'm trying it as I type with Ivory! Plain ol' cheap as dirt Ivory!! and so far, she's looking good!! If it does bomb, I'll fill ya' in!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the smell of Ivory bar soap! I am currently making the body wash using Oil of Olay, if it works out, I will use Ivory next time!

  4. Dove has a splendid scent , We can do this with other beauty soaps too. I think this body wash will be ok for a month.